In Print Workers Barcelona we have different types of BONUSES for you to use our WORKSHOP. We put the infrastructure and you creativity. To the fans of the SERIGRAPHY that you choose our WORKSHOP to stamp your ideas we call you LOVERS. And we are in love with your projects! Become a LOVER of our WORKSHOP.

All of our BONUSES include
-EXPOSURES (with our assistance), RECOVERY and HOURS of PRINTING.

Also if you need it you can use our SCREEN RENTALS service.

If you own a small brand and you want to print your own TOTE BAGS or your T-SHIRTS … If you are an illustrator and want to make yourself an edition on PAPER of your posters … This is your WORKSHOP.

“Dentro vídeo!”

A little advice
The ideal is to know what edition you are going to make (how many units you are going to print); and divide the cost of the bonus between the total number of copies to print. This way you can pass on to your stamps the price of the bonus. And by the way you will realize that our prices are a bargain!

Remember that our BONUSES are always for personal use and that with any of your LOVER cards from Print Workers Barcelona you will enjoy fabulous DISCOUNTS

Half Day Lover

30€New Bonus !!!

1 Half-Day: 10-14h / 16.15-20h
1 Exposure for 1 screen
1 Recover for 1 screen
Valid for 1 month from MONDAY TO THURSDAY
Workshop Hours: 10-14h & 16.15-20h
Weekdays Lover

55€45€ - Members of the Academy

3 Half-Days: 10-14h / 16.15-20h
3 Exposures for 3 screens
3 Recovers for 3 screens
Valid for 2 months from MONDAY TO THURSDAY.
Workshop Hours: 10-14h & 16.15-20h
Refresh Lover

85 €Specia Offer - Discount of 25€

Taller de Introducción a la Serigrafia
Bono Weekdays Lover
Valid for 2 months from MONDAY TO THURSDAY
Workshop Hours: 10-14h & 16.15-20h

Six Pack lover

99€89€ - Members of the Academy

6 Half-Days: 10-14h / 16.15-20h
6 Exposures for 6 screens
6 Recovers for 6 screens
Valid for one intensive WEEK: monday afternoon to thursday morning
Workshop Hours: 10-14h & 16.15-20h
Monthly Lover

119€109€ - Members of the Academy

3 Half-Days per WEEK: 10-14h / 16.15-20h
Exposures & Recovers without Limit
Storage of Screens & Locker with Key
Valid for 1 month from MONDAY TO THURSDAY
Workshop Hours: 10-14h & 16.15-20h