Infinite concrete
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- Infinite concrete

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Serigrafìa / Screen Print, Ed Limitada 45 ud
Signed & Numbered, 50x70cm, 3 Inks , Paper Fabriano 250gr

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Sinthwave and Soviet brutalism? Everything can happen when Jan Kudlicka aka Yann Kuto, professional architect and screenprint artist by vocation ... Decides to roll the blanket to the head to look for the most complicated records, the most amazing perspectives and the smallest details. And stamp this way by hand, in our workshop and in super limited editions serigraphic delicatessens such as its Czechoslovakia series. A collection of screenprints to which most incredible inspired by the mass production of prefabricated concrete housing blocks that were built during the communist era in his native country. Pieces as amazing as the ones we show you here and that Jan recommends meeting in person at the rate of retrowave ...