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- Gótico

100,00 [:en]100,00[:]

Serigrafía / Screen Print
Edición limitada 18 ejemplares
Signed & Numbered
1 Color
38×56 cm

In stock

It is always a pleasure to talk to you about the master chef Ken Umehara. Born and raised in southern Tokyo. Ken Umehara decided 10 years ago to change radically to land in the Poble Sec. And thus become known as the ELPUTOKEN, a true graphic shooter. Since then it produces incessantly screenprints of super limited edition (10 or 20 copies at most) with irreverence and satire by flag. His pieces offer us a rabid and tragicomic vision of the day to day in the neighborhood of Poble Sec in a Barcelona City taken by the Capital. Ironically, its unmistakable seal and its pure old skool cartoon 2.0 style, if that exists, has turned its prints into super-coveted objects for self-publishing lovers. Here we show you a selection of his most outstanding works that we have available in our shop and online shop.