King Khan
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- King Khan

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Serigrafía / Screen Print, Ed Limitada 40 ud
Signed & Numbered, 40x60cm, 6 Colors [:]

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In screenprinting we know with the term of ghost the trace left by the ink on the screens after making a stamp. It is the memory of past impressions that dyes the screen mesh but does not clog it. And if there are ghosts there are also anti ghost products that eliminate those remains. Thus was born the name of this German artistic collective, Antighost Siebdrucke (Screen Printing in German). The taste for experimentation of Christian a.k.a. Graustufen, the graphic virtuosity of Martin Burkhardt and the always musical talent of Gotz merged in 2013 to give form in Manheim to this fascinating project. Antighost combines the passion for the gig posters with the drive for the printing of graphic work. And since they visited us on the occasion of the GIVE PRINT A CHANCE 2016. SCREEN PRINT MARKET feeds our shop with his master serigraphy lessons in the form of gig posters and super limited edition art prints. A luxury from one of the most interesting and active silk-screen artists' studios in Germany and which best represents the current strength of screen printing.