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Three exceptional screenprints acting as a kind of diary for the month of November 2018 that Marion Jdanoff ( Palefroi ) offer us to all screen printing lovers.
Let Marion Jdanoff explain these magnificent collection of prints in her own words:
“Nov MMXVIII : L’automne de la science fiction” Where one learn that I enjoyed “The Dispossessed” by Ursula K. Le Guin, as well as “Bâtir Aussi”, by Les Ateliers de l’Antémonde.
“Nov MMXVIII : Le rêve du jaguar” About a dream where I had to make a jaguar comfortable in a flat which was also a clinic. The jaguar was, as one can imagine, really pissed off by the whole thing.
“Nov MMXVIII : Conflit énergétique” Where one learn that my friend and I fought over the best time to take vitamins and that we enjoy Marmite for breakfast. (full disclosure, we ended up deciding to wait a bit for the vitamin D, until our summer reserves are emptied. And yes, we do have a totally unscientific approach to vitamins.)