About Us

About Us

Located in the neighborhood of Gràcia, in the Pl. John Lennon, Print Workers Barcelona is the first Print Club that opens in our country: gallery & shop of national and international graphic work, coworking of illustrators & designers; and screen print workshop that besides handprinting for third parties is a real screen printing gym because it is available for you to perform your projects with our assistance. The workshop is also the headquarters of the Academy. The continuous program of courses that take place around the world of screen printing.

Print Workers Barcelona is a unique opportunity to enjoy in a single space the entire creative process of the self-published graphic work.

Our nice & lovely shop of graphic work bets on handmade production, limited, signed, numbered and self-edited. Artists who mainly use serigraphy without forgetting other techniques such as risography or letterpress. Graphic work of more than 100 international and local artists. All at affordable and real prices. 100% democratic art.

And our coworking is made up of a small family of 11 illustrators and designers.

Combining the coworking spirit and the spirit Do It Yourself we enable our workshop as a screen printing gym for the artist to create his work and turn our space into a real makers place. We put the infrastructure and you creativity.

In addition, with the help of our teachers we develop a continuous program of courses and workshops around the screen printing that is articulated through our most ambitious project, the Academy of Print Workers Barcelona.

And since we do not like to get bored once a year, coinciding with the proximity of the Christmas Holidays, we organize the GIVE PRINT A CHANCE, Screen Printing Market of Barcelona. Meeting point for all lovers of graphic work with the live presence of local and international artists.

Our Team

Founded by Àlex Costa, Print Workers Barcelona has always been fortunate to have the help of very, very special people for Àlex. And the extra help of some friends who are no longer with us as Bernardino Cervigon. In addition to the inestimable help of Pauline Ricaud in its beginnings. And of young talents such as Erques Torres, Enrique Ortiz, Jordi Kuni Kraftman, Jana Fontdevila, Celia Carballo, María Úbeda and Stefania Lusini.

More recently we have counted on our team with Laura Boscia, Ale Alonso and  Anna Revuelto.

Currently Ale Alonso goes on helping us in the Demo Prints, markets and expos that we usually organize and we are fortunate to have Tina Vivan who is doing her internship with us.

All this always with the help of our webmistress Lucia Segurajuregui

Thank you very much to everyone!